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The following background information is for your review and is provided for use in evaluating Turbine Resources, Inc. as a supplier of parts and/or services:


Components Repaired from the Following Engines:

ABB (Alsthom) Type 11

General Electric; Frame 5001, 6001B, 7001B through EA DLN

Westinghouse Electric; W101, W171/191, W251, W251A through B10,

W301 and W501A through D5A DLN.


Typical Components Repaired:

ABB; Turbines; “C” Segments, Combustion Tiles, Compressor Blades Compressor Stators, Heat Shields, Turbine Blades and Turbine Vanes.

GE F/5; 1st and 2nd Stage Buckets, Bull Horns, Combustion Liners, Compressor Blades, Compressor Stators, Cross Fire Tubes, Fuel Nozzles, Combustion Liners, 1st and 2nd Stage Nozzles, 1st and 2nd Stage Shroud Blocks and Transition Pieces.

GE F/6 & 7; 1st , 2nd and 3rd Stage Buckets, Bull Horns, Cross Fire Tubes, Combustion Liners, Compressor Blades, Compressor Stators, Fuel Nozzles, Rows 1, 2 and 3 Nozzles, 1st, 2nd and 3rd Stage Shroud Blocks and Transition Pieces. 

New Parts Supply: Buckets for F/6 R/3 and Shroud Blocks for F/7 R1, 2 and 3.

Westinghouse W101, W171/191, W251, W301 and W501; Blade Ring, Blades - All Rows, Combustion Baskets, Compressor Blades, Compressor Diaphragms, Cross Fire Tubes, Fuel Nozzles, Ring Segments, Transition Pieces, Turbine Blades, Turbine Diaphragms and Vane Segments.


Repair Capabilities:

Cleaning; Chemical Stripping, Degreasing, Glass Bead Cleaning, Grit Blasting.  Coatings; Anti-Fretting, High Temperature Protection, Low Temperature Protection,

Thermal Barrier, Wear Resistant. 

Inspection/Testing; Eddy Current, Fuel Nozzle Flow, Hardness, Hydro, Liquid

Penetrant, Metallographic, Stress Rupture, Surface Plate, Tensile, Ultrasonic, Visual, X-Ray.

Machining; Cylindrical Grinding, Drilling, Electrical Discharge, Electro-Chemical, Milling, Surface Grinding, Turning.

Welding; Argon Chamber, MIG, Spot, TIG.


Reverse Engineering:

Turbine Resources, Inc.’s Staff has extensive experience with parts supply, reverse engineering, quality demands for castings, forgings and stampings and its knowledge of materials, manufacturing and tolerance requirements is peerless.