William J. McCall


TRI Owner/President William J (Bill) McCall, holds degrees from Pennsylvania State, Widener and Temple Universities and has been committed to the turbine industry for the past 40 years.  During that time he spent 18 years with the Westinghouse Electric Corporation where Mr. McCall held Design Engineering and Engineering Management positions in the Gas Turbine Division.  At the turbine repair field level, his capacity encompassed General Management positions. His career also incorporates 25 years of responsibility for all aspects of the factory and field repair operations of turbine components - including Westinghouse and a major independent turbine repair company.  Since 1992, he has been responsible for the operations of Turbine Resources, Inc. engaging in the repair, technology transfer, consulting and manufacturing of new parts for the turbomachinery industry.

Mr. McCall’s career includes authoring numerous ASME papers, EPRI and Turbomachinery Symposium papers, participating as an invited speaker and panelist in trade association meetings, including membership in the ASME Gas Turbine Materials Committee and consultation in the turbomachinery insurance field.